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Do the angels worship Christ? They do. If it is right for angels to worship Christ, is it not right for us to worship Him? It is. When the wise men departed who appeared to Joseph? An angel. What did he tell Joseph to do? To arise and go away from Judea. Whom was he to take with him? The infant Jesus and his mother.

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Why was he told to take Jesus into Egypt? To save His life. When Herod died, what did Joseph do? He returned to Judea. How long did He live there? Until He grew up. Page Where is the town of Nazareth? In Galilee. Was Nazareth a large or a small place? A small place. Who came to tell of Christ beforehand?

Adam and Eve

John the Baptist. What was his food? Locusts and wild honey. What did he preach?

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He told the people to repent of their sins. What did he do to the people? He baptized them. Why did He do so? Page 22 For an example to us. Does Jesus command all his followers to be baptized? He said, "Go make disciples of all nations, baptizing them. What is baptism? An immersion in water, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

What does the use of water in baptism signify?

The Cave of Treasures

That the person's sins have been washed away. Does the water wash away sin? No; it is the blood of Christ. What does the action of immersion signify? That the person is dead to sin, and risen to a new life. What does the doing of this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost signify? What should all who are baptized do? They should lead a new life. Who should be baptized?

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Those that repent and believe. Should infants be baptized? No; God has not commanded it. Is there any case of infant baptism mentioned in the Bible? No; not one. Are there different ways to baptize? There is but one way. What then must we say of those who have had water only sprinkled or poured upon them? That they are not baptized. When Jesus was about thirty years old what did He do? He began to teach the people.

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  7. How long did He teach them? Three years. Did He do any thing besides teach the people? Yes He worked miracles.

    Adam and Eve

    Can you tell me some miracle which Jesus did? Yes, He raised the dead. What did He do for the lame? He made them to walk.

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    6. What did He do for the dumb? He made them to speak. What did He do for the blind? He gave them sight.

      What did His working miracles prove? That God had sent him. Whom did Jesus choose to go about with Him? Twelve men. What did He tell them to do? To preach the Gospel. What did He give them power to do?

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      To work miracles. Did the Jews all love Christ? No; many of them hated Him. What did they determine to do to Him?

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      To kill Him. How did they find Him? Judas showed them where He was. How did he make Him known to them? He kissed Him and said, Hail Master!