99 Thoughts on Caring for Your Youth Group: From Coffee Shop Counseling to Crisis Care

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Right before I die or something? God came to me in my house, in bed. Honestly, I think he did the healing when he called me Rachel. I had a new lease on life and a deep respect and love for God over that. I actually found I like the idea of a relationship, but few people are up to the challenge in life. Americans have become so narcissistic focused on self and focused on money so much I simply gave up wasting my time on it. I was sensitive from the beginning then the rape and emotional abuse made me girly as can be. A lot of the people calling themselves transgender are childhood rape victims.

I think the actual transgender person is far and few between, though. I think quite a few do it for the wrong reasons and some shrinks that rubber stamp anyone wanting to is going to answer for that one day. Parents claiming their 5 year old is trans is ridiculous. But, looking back I saw it in me from my rape forward in many, many ways.

I have heard the loving church baloney so many times. When put to the test, they all failed spectacularly.

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I was turned away by a pastor once and I was suicidal. Churches today want a certain type among them: the middle class or professional, and a family is close behind. Churches offering community is a joke in America. If you have a mental illness, they really want nothing to do with you.

The rest are playing, dabblers or pharisees I guess. Actually, I think home churches, believers gathering, is a great idea.

5 Reasons People Have Stopped Attending Your Church (Especially Millennials) - bersleranifor.ga

American churches have become businesses. They are big, corporate and unfeeling.

My Problem with Youth Ministry

They knew they were doing a lousy job so they put in small groups to try and fix it. The only problem is those small groups became country clubs where only a certain type of person is wanted see above , and everyone else is excluded. In other words, churches have become exclusive instead of inclusive. They also look like productions. Honestly, do you see the American Church thriving?

Membership is declining among most denominations. The growth is at churches that are independent. I think that is great. Some are meeting people at their needs. Maybe churches need to send pastors and leadership to Asia, South America and Africa to see what they are doing.

Miracles happen all the time there. God is moving in a big way.

People are getting saved, healed, delivered and changed. He saved me and eventually called me into ministry. The church that I was sent out from, the people were so evil and full cliques; I was so happy to leave. I use to have my own church dealing with people here in the U. A, and other countries, my heart has always been pure about the Lord since I got saved. I was teaching with revelation and what the church is doing today, God pulled me out through illness sort of like Job. They have kicked God out of what they call His own house and turned it into a den of thieves.

I go where He sends me into the streets, people homes, or wherever He wants me to be, I give the simplicity of the gospel. The church has fallen in love with immorality, money and whatever evil thing it can get them. Jesus told us not store up treasures upon the earth, where rust and moth destroy, but lay up your treasures in heavenly vessels.

We are in the final time if ever before, and we need to teach the people to look up and get focused on the Lord. The gospel is the most important message that we have in the earth so lets go where He sends us with the Holy Spirit as our Guide, God will take care of the rest.

If Jesus were here He would be to wore out from overturning the money changers table to do anything else! I hate that you had to go through what you went through by way of the church. But there are some real good church and pastors out there carrying out the job of spreading the good news. My local church is one of them. He is not limited to a physical building, or institution.

7 Things You Should Never Say to Patients or Caregivers

Stay true the scriptures and seek Him with all your heart. The Holy Spirit is everywhere and anywhere. I totally agree with you to live out the relationship you have with Jesus by watering or planting some seeds in our every day life. Getting saved or not is up to Jesus. If not, then seek the Holy Spirit for guidance why you are not happy in your physical church.

You have access to the spiritual church inside of you. And this is one of the main reasons why churches are failing.

1. Extreme poverty is giving up ground.

Jesus prohibited paid preachers: period, end of story. I am so sad that controversy, name calling, and even foul language appears in a discussion of why people leave a church. In the local church where I attend, there was a recent conflict within a committee which was formed in order to nominate potential candidates for church board office. There was even a disagreement within the committee that nearly escalated out of control. Fortunately all of the people love their church, and all of them were of a common mind when it came to nominating people from all ages and groups, and they mended a growing quarrel about how to review the nominations.

I appreciate the comments about socialization, laziness, and other stereotypes.

I also love those in ministry who are transparent, and openly speak about their own issues, problems, and limitations. I long for people and places that are kind, loving, and open to everyone. Places where I feel like I am being leered at — whether sitting in a seat or standing in front singing, speaking, or sharing in any way, can be extremely uncomfortable. I have been appreciated at times and scorned at others. But as someone else noted, it can be just as uncomfortable, probably much more so, when you are a quiet, reserved individual and you just want to quietly observe and worship, not become part of a stage play or a show.

I thought the article written brought some interesting insights, but I was equally alerted by the responses across the spectrum. All I can say and do in response is to plead for all of us to model the life of Jesus Christ — He did not strike back and He did not withhold His love. Even the leaders and those seeking His life were included in His prayers. Very thoughtful response and sharing many of my feelings. Thank you, Brian, for what you have said. Like me — like you — like those posting here — like those behind the pulpit, sitting in the seats, Sunday School teachers, those who keep the church facility clean, etc.

Or, were.

99 Thought Leaders Share the 5 Most Important Things Needed to Become a Thought Leader

So do I. And that starts with accepting each other unconditionally, even as we would wish to be accepted; after all, we are all in the same boat! Our Father has purposely chosen to work this way! But do we lose something important for healthy growth in our relationship with Christ and others when we so easily opt for convenience.