El novio y el concierto (Spanish Edition)

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What seemed an impossible dream ended up being a deserved victory. The situation has changed, and it has changed considerably. A sure loss turned out to be a definite win. It rotated degrees. A magical flip. We Spanish speakers love our tortillas , so we would describe the situation as darle la vuelta a la tortilla. Once again, this is an expression that can be used in many contexts. Every time a situation changes completely, or a person changes their attitude or mind in such a way that you end up having a different outcome from the one you were expecting, you can say they have definitely dado la vuelta a la tortilla.

Be careful how you utter this, because some people may be a little oversensitive and get mad. Generally, though, using this expression is something quite normal for a lot of people in their everyday lives, and you will have a lot of situations where you will be able to use it. For example:. No te pongas esa camisa.

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It is very old! If there is something old, there is a Spanish pear! Now that you know the English translation, you should not have any problem using this idiom in Spanish, but let me give you a couple of examples so you can see it in action:. Poor Marta! The blanca was a coin used in Spain in the 16th century. It was the least valuable coin, something like a present-day penny. Even though we use very different coins nowadays, the expression remains with us and is applied, informally, to any person who is broke or has no money in a specific moment in time.

Although you can use this expression in order to describe any person, it is commonly used by young people when talking about themselves.

Have a look:. No puedo ir a la fiesta, estoy sin blanca. I have no money. He gastado todos mis ahorros para comprar un coche y ahora estoy sin blanca.

Yes, if it is raining and you have a lot of pitchers or jugs in your garden, rain will fall into them, but apart from that… weird expression, granted. The good news is that you use it in Spanish as you would use your llover gatos y perros to rain cats and dogs , so you just need to substitute one for the other. It is raining cats and dogs. However, it is perfectly possible to use it in any other tense if you need to:. It was my father who told me to add this idiom to this list. He has a farm and takes care of a lot of animals, including hens. I have used this expression all my life and I had never wondered what it meant before.

My dad told me hens are really intelligent animals, even though we may not realize it.

36 Spanish Slang words From Around the Globe They Would Never Teach You in a Class

They can be out around the farm the whole day, but once the sun starts to set, they all go back to the place where they sleep—and they do it by themselves! Their human caretaker my dad, in this case just has to close the door and call it a day. Now you can just say you are going to bed with the hens without having to be embarrassed about it:. Me parece que hoy te vas a acostar con las gallinas.

This informal expression may of course be more common in rural areas, but I am sure every Spanish speaker has at least heard of it, and most have probably used it at least once. Indeed, knowing which side of our bread is buttered on is not always negative, but for me, it will always have negative connotations. Getting closer to the sun that heats the most will always mean that you need something and you are getting closer to the people who can give it to you, which for me is like using those people. Anyway, there may be some contexts in which using this idiom can describe a good thing, or at least a neutral one.

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Maybe you just want to get a favor from a friend, or want your partner to cook something for you. However, I have always used this expression not when talking about myself but others, and I have yet to use it with a positive meaning. Since my work as a language teacher is to teach you everything, good and bad, and I really want you to be fluent in Spanish , I still think you need to learn how to use this expression.

Here you have a typical example of its usage:. Michael no me cae bien. He always knows which side his bread is buttered on. Me gusta estudiar por la noche. Soy un ave nocturna. I am a night owl. Mi novio es un ave nocturna. Nunca se va a dormir antes de las 2. He never goes to sleep before 2 a. Have you lost one of your contact lenses? Have you forgotten where you parked your car? Try to buscar una aguja en un pajar and you may be luckier! Jokes aside, this expression is very common among Spanish speakers, and it is so similar to its English counterpart that it would be a pity not to take advantage of this.

You do not need any specific instructions in order to start looking for agujas in Spanish. Just remember that every time you would say the expression in English, it is a great opportunity to say it in Spanish as well:. Hay unas 2.

36 Spanish Slang Words They Would Never Teach You In A Class!

I think this is a very beautiful expression, not only for the fact that giving birth excruciating pain aside has to be one the most wonderful experiences a woman can have, but also due to the power of the metaphor. When a mother is giving birth, she is alumbrando. Concierto Andaluz - for Four Guitars and Orchestra.

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Concierto De Aranjuez - Arranged for Harp. Coplas del Pastor enamorado Soprano and Guitar. Dos Piezas Caballerescas - Score. Fantasia para un Gentilhombre - for Guitar and Orchestra. Orchestra score. Junto al Generalife - Guitar Solo. Pavana Real - Ballet in 3 Acts. Preludio al Galla Mananero. Preludio al Gallo Mananero - Piano Solo. Preludio para un poema a la Alhambra - Score. Rodrigo Concierto Andaluz 4gtr Pft. Pujol Guitar. Serenata Espanola Spanish Nights for Piano. Usted tiene una madre alta y un padre bajo. Tiene una amiga baja e inteligente.

Tiene un amigo rico y alto. Usted no tiene mucha tarea. El padre tiene cuatro amigos. La madre tiene siete amigos. La mujer vieja tiene veinte amigos en Facebook. El hombre inteligente y joven no tiene Facebook. Elena y yo tenemos una familia grande. Nosotras tenemos una clase grande.

Tenemos muchos amigos inteligentes. Tenemos muchas amigas felices. Ellos tienen cinco clases. Ellas tienen tres clases. Ellas tienen un carro diferente porque no son muy ricas. Ustedes tienen cinco hijos. Ustedes tienen profesores muy inteligentes.