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Lovely guitar with rich tone. If anyone is interested just make on offer.

I started this thread for surf-ins to ask general questions about their Lowdens so they don't all post in the Rick's Lowden thread. Message moved from that thread about one specific guitar. Please excuse me if I am not replying appropriately. I picked one of these guitars up in Leeds UK in , slightly used What a great guitar, it has been all around the world with me.


Does anyone have any idea what these are worth? I find I need to sell mine now You might not want to sell yours after all, although using E-Bay and playing up the Lowden connection would be worth a try. When I looked at it closely it had one string missing and old strings yet it still sounded sweet. Other Takemine, Nashville, and others I have passed on. In this group are several very sweet sounders, but what I heard of the Flambeau was quite special.

I imagine that a new set of strings will make it sound like honey. What would you think it would be worth to buy??? It is for sale at a reasonable but not a cheap price. With the mass of guitars I already have, I do not want to buy for sound alone and end up paying much more than it is worth. General condition is neat, reasonable evidence of reasonable wear and tear, Minor marks but no obvious damage. The square label inside the sound hole lokks pretty ordinary and unspectacular, but genuine. The brand lettering on the simple curved head is really bright and shiney gold and I expect that it has been touched up recently.

Please let me know. Keep the melodies ringing. Anyway, I'm a beginner at guitar and i found it very hard to play on, somehow it feels like the strings are far apart from How do you say in ensglish, the body?

John Sheard

I have to push really hard with my fingertips to get a clear tone from the strings. Therefore the resaon is that i am trying to sell it to buy a easier played one , but have no idea about what it would be worth. Any info about it would be great! I'll be more than happy to send photos of it. By the way, I live in Sweden, Have no idea about how it ended up here : If interested in it please email me at johansbox18 hotmail.

Sincerely Johan. You should be able to find someone who can do that ask at a music store.. It's probably worth it to check into getting the neck adjusted if you like the guitar otherwise.

the secret of my myst the adventures of rupert starbright book 2 Manual

Guest Tim, Trust your own judgement. He was happy with that price and plays it regularly in gigs to this day. An excellent guitar and I remember it fondly. I bought mine in , new, from Scheerers music shop in leeds still there I think.

Sounds like they were! I still have it, though I don't play it as often as I might Local is lincolnshire, uk. I changed the strings and think it sounds great now. It's from a music store here in Germany I immediately replaced the broken string with the D'addario spare that was in the case. Great to play but the sound was left wanting. I avoided the "too bright" D'addario's and optend for some earnie Balls, and it magically came into it's own. It is one beautiful intstument. Solid Cedar top, The back and sides are stunning in what looks like an exotic wood.

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Apart from some fret wear and some very superficial marks on the soundboard, it is like new. It is now almost at the top of the pile of my sweet guitars. It has blown away the gibson 12, the Top range Ibanez, and the Spruce maple maple Maton. But my spruce and rosewood cw80 Maton is still at the top for pure midrange sweets. But that has been my companion since the mid 80's, and has travelled with me through various overseas trips, and so that relationship will take some time to break.

The Lowden Flambeau Simply awesome! Sweet enough to make you cry, fit and finish that would be hard to beat. Thanks for letting me be a visitor. My earlier note when considering the purchase has been removed. But Hey!

Flambeau Plasticos Introduction and Capabilities Video

I am a visitor. My earlier blurb is still there. Thank you Melissa.

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I appreciate the advice. I am another Rick with a Lowden G7 that rocks! I must have tried guitars the length and breadth of Britain I had a job in which I travelled a lot then and then finally happened upon what used to be a hole in the wall outfit called Roadshow Music in Bridge of Allan, near Stirling. It was like putting your hand into a glove, such a comfortable fit, light and sleder neck, verye asy action and superb tone. Measures 23" x 27" x 21". Matches Lot 15 and in very good condition.

Measures 16" x 21" x 16".

Magic Pickle and the Garden of Evil

Just as cute as it can be! Thomasville three drawer nightstand with cabriole legs. Has multi-curved drawer fronts, dovetailed drawers and beautiful vintage hardware. Very detailed and good construction. Measures 25" x 16" x 26" and matches Lot Vintage swivel rocking chair with original upholstery.

In very good condition and super comfortable. Joe was using it for napping so we have to sell it! If you are a fan of the show Pawn Stars, they have Chumley, we have Joe. Toddler Lighting McQueen bed with mattress. The bed is in good condition and super cute for your little one! This is a small oak dining room table. It measures 32" x 32". It has solid oak legs. The top is not attached to the legs. Oak finish motel style dresser. It has two drawers the bottom two are just for looks.

Has a broken piece of veneer in the back corner please see photo. There are holes in the top where a tv was mounted. Overall, it is still a nice piece.